The advantages of the international private kindergarten

ikona_mednarodni-zasebni-vrtec International, multilingual
ethnic diversity and a multilingual environment where children are exposed up to three languages (English, German and Slovene).
ikona_fridolinovo-sredisce Learning through play
Every individual child is at the centre of the Fridolin Kindergarten, developing their integral personality in a positive and innovative environment.
ikona_zdrav-nacin-zivljenja-v-vrtcu A healthy lifestyle
Promoting a healthy lifestyle by spending quality time outside, offering daily sports activities, having a positive attitude and healthy eating habits.
ikona_vkljucene-dodatne-aktivnosti-v-vrtcu Additional activities
Various additional activities are included in the program such as exercise, dancing, judo, music lessons, forest kindergarten, horse-riding, …

Fridolin's groups

18 months up to three years
3,5 years to Preschool
Mreža gozdnih vrtcev

How the Fridolino private kindergarten came to be

Personal story

Dear parents,

Let me quickly introduce myself and tell you the story of how the Fridolino private kindergarten was born.

I am the mother of a daughter and a son, Anna and Lukas. I am also life partner of Stefan, with whom we have created our bilingual family. When our daughter Anna was born, we were living in Vienna and when life brought us back to Slovenia, the idea of opening our own private kindergarten started forming.

Like most parents, I too have high expectations for the environment in which my child develops and grows. Our family speaks two languages and I wanted my child to be able to learn a foreign language in a child-friendly way, to learn about different cultures, customs and traditions even when not at home. I firmly believe that cohabitation with nature and physical activities must form an essential part of children’s daily activities. Since children spend the better part of their days in kindergarten, this environment should allow them to develop positive relationships based on an individual approach to every child and encourage activities that reflect the old saying “healthy body, healthy mind”.

For I long time, I searched for a kindergarten that would meet the above expectations. Unfortunately, I had no luck, which is why Anna is now going to her second kindergarten. When Lukas joined our family, my partner and I had every reason to seriously ask ourselves where to enrol our children so that they could get at least part of what we expected from such an institution.

This is how the idea of our own private kindergarten was born – a kindergarten where several languages are spoken and where every children gets individual attention. Our philosophy of an individual approach to every child ensures that every single child in the group gets all the needed attention, time, care and affection. In the Fridolino kindergarten, we focus on creative games, learning and socialisation, while taking into account and respecting the children’s phases of development. I believe that this is the only way to create firm foundations for their further development.

As a conclusion, dear parents, let me invite you and your children to visit us and spend a couple of pleasant hours with us, so that you can learn about our approach and philosophy. We will receive you with open arms and a smiling face.

Katarina Cetinski

Frequently asked questions

There are three languages used for daily communication in our kindergarten: Slovene, English and German.  However, even if your child does not speak any of these languages, they will grasp at least one of them very quickly, in a matter of weeks. Each of our groups has three teachers and the number of children in each group is limited, which means that every child gets as much individual attention as they need.

In the last twenty years, experts have made a huge leap forward in researching how the early learning of new languages affects the intellectual and mental development of children, as well as their speaking abilities. Several scientific studies and papers can be found on this topic, and they all reach similar conclusions. Multilingual children are more advanced in all aspects of their development compared to monolingual children. Children growing up in a multilingual environment will easily learn foreign languages and, what is more, they will develop better memorising abilities, better logical thinking, the ability to adapt quicker and to accept changes, a richer vocabulary, will concentrate better and will be more socially engaged.

The quality of food is one of our main priorities. We insist on locally produced food of good quality and on diverse meals. We try to use mostly ecologically produced food. The intake of sugar is limited and wheat is often replaced with other, more nutritious grains.

Our enrolment procedure is very simple. We suggest that you fill in the informative application and we will give you a call as soon as possible to invite you for a visit. Children can be enrolled at any time of the year.

We realise that parents often have long working hours, which is why our kindergarten is open until 6 PM. This means that you do not have to rush to pick up your child, as they will be entertained by our afternoon activities.

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