Who is Frido?

Frido, who is hidden in the name of our kindergarten, is more than just our mascot. But who is Frido? He is a warm, kind-hearted and friendly mischievous boy, who understands the children’s soul and fits right into their world, full of imagination and curiosity. He is always smiling, kind and ready for adventure. He cannot stay in one place for long since he is extremely curious; he wants to know everything, he asks a ton of questions and never runs out of ideas for new activities. He knows that the world is vast, but that does not scare him; quite the opposite, he wants to know everything about it. Frido realises that people in different countries live differently and speak different languages. He encourages children to be curious, to not to be afraid of unknown words, new cultures and different customs. Frido is always there for the children: he laughs with them, spends the days with them, offers help when needed and consoles them when they are sad. He is with them for the playful activities and when the time comes to talk about serious matters.

Frido is the children’s ally. He sings, dances, creates and plays with them.  He makes the days in the kindergarten better. And that is important.

Fridova pesem – Frido song

We have fun with Frido,
he is our good friend,
he makes us laugh, he makes us sing
and do the funny dance.

With Frido we are learning,
three languages at once,
English, Deutch and Slovene,
and it is really fun.

We paint draw do craft work,
we move, we stretch and relax,
exploring new creative ways,
loving Kindergarten days
loving Fridolino days

S Fridom se smejimo,
prav vsak ima ga rad.
Z njim pojemo in plešemo,
jezikov se učimo novih prav vsak dan,
z njim se zavrtimo saj Fridolin je veseljak,
Frido ti si naš junak.