About international kindergarten Fridolin

Fridolin, an international, multilingual private kindergarten, is welcoming you in Rožna Dolina in Ljubljana. The kindergarten Fridolin opened its doors in October 2015 and got its name after a good friend, a kind-hearted, playful little boy called Frido, who travels around the world and makes a lot of new friends along the way.

But there is so much more that Frido learns on his journeys. Through everyday activities, games, music, fun, and dance he learns foreign languages, particularly English and German. He visits different countries and learns about their culture, music, and art. On top of that, Frido understands the meaning of the old saying “a healthy spirit in a healthy body”, so he is always happy to get some exercise and has a healthy, balanced diet.

Frido has a great time on his travels. He sings Frido’s Song and dances his own dance.

Dear parents, dear children, you are very welcome to join Frido on his journey – the best way to experience it, is by joining us at the private kindergarten Fridolin. We are awaiting you with open arms and a friendly smile.

What makes us different?

  • Because the children come from different countries we, at kindergarten Fridolin, put a lot of emphasis on getting to know about different cultures and especially on embracing intercultural differences.
  • In our private kindergarten, we speak Slovene, English and German. Not only because foreign languages enrich and broaden our perception, but also with the aim of creating a space for children from foreign-speaking families.
  • The three languages spoken in the kindergarten allow the children to come into contact with a foreign language through play and interesting activities. Since our children come from different countries, one of our focus points is learning about different cultures and accepting cultural differences.
  • The layout of the rooms and the choice of equipment in our kindergarten were chosen based on the needs of children and their parents, for whom we have arranged a separate area to socialize, talk and relax.
  • Family life today is dynamic and fast-paced, and the workday often extends far into the afternoon, which is why our kindergarten is open every day until 6 PM. In the afternoon, we arrange various activities, which are described in more detail under the heading Fridolin’s program.
  • We make the best possible use of our great location, which allows our children to have daily contact with the surrounding nature.
  • Every group in our kindergarten has 3 teachers. Our approach is “one teacher – one language”, which means that one teacher always speaks Slovene, one English and one German. In this way, the children are surrounded by all three languages throughout the day.
  • Our mascot is a mischievous, friendly and kind little boy named Frido. He spends all day with the children, who love to play with him. Together they have fun, sing and dance and, most importantly, discover the wonders of the vast world around us.
  • We place great importance on a healthy, balanced diet.

Our vision

By offering a rich learning and experience-learning environment, the children in kindergarten Fridolin have the possibility of gradual and systematic development in all areas. With this growth they will be able to integrate in a suitable socializing process in a much easier way, and express their needs and emotions in a more understandable manner.

The vision of kindergarten Fridolin is upbringing and educating children into independent, unique and resourceful personalities, who will, according to their developmental abilities, be able to estimate different situations and find solutions to problems, and be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Our mission

Every child is curious, every child has imagination and every child has the need to play and learn. In our kindergarten, we encourage the gradual development of our children through carefully planned activities and genuine interpersonal relationships, while at the same time giving free reign to their imagination, their boundless creativity, their play, learning and creative thinking.

Communication in three languages broadens the children’s horizons at an early age and shows that there is a vast world beyond the borders of our beautiful country. Since we accept Slovene and foreign children, they quickly encounter different cultures, learn about the differences between people and how to appreciate their beauty.

Every child in our kindergarten is unique. Every child needs individual attention. And every child receives all the attention they need. We are here for them.

Where are we?

The private international kindergarten can be found in Ljubljana just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre – in Rožna dolina, near the paths leading to Rožnik, the ZOO and a horse riding club. This wonderful location allows us to spend a lot of time enjoying activities in the surrounding countryside. On the other hand, the proximity of the Ljubljana city centre allows us to easily step into the world of culture, theatre shows and puppet theatre plays.

The kindergarten building is a charming villa with a pleasant green garden with plenty of space to play in. In addition to the playrooms and rooms for our youngest charges, there is also space available for parents – to socialise, talk or simply relax.

Meet our team

The heart of the international private kindergarten Fridolin is its team, who do not merely do their work as kindergarten teachers at the kindergarten, but are channelling good will, energy, knowledge and creativity on a daily basis, so that the children love to come to our kindergarten and they come with smiles on their faces.

Each of the staff is, or has been, in some way connected with foreign countries – either through work, family ties, education or travels abroad. The entire team has a common vision; we believe in Fridolin’s story and we believe that together we can fulfil it.